Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deserving Kids Get a Neat Treat: Candy!

So my kids have been schlepped around quite a bit this summer and now that it's back to school time I thought it would be nice to do something special for them. There is no time left for a vacation and between work and school, I am starting to feel drained of all my mommy awesomeness. So today I decided to make it simple for myself and find something I could order online for them as a special treat.

Like all kids, my kiddos LOVE candy... so, a simple Google search brought me to the most amazing Candy Store Online!!!

This site is awesome. If you love candy, I am telling you, this site has it ALL.

For my oldest son, I thought the Retro Candy was awesome...

For my daughter, I chose HELLO Kitty! Awww, look:

She is going to LOVE this cutie pie Hello Kitty Pez lunch box!

And for my little guy, what else, SPIDERMAN!!!

Of course I had to order a lil somthin somethin for Mommy too, so I got myself some Chocolate!!!
I can;t wait for our package to arrive to surprise the little kiddos.
Happy Mommy right here!

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