Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nature Done Right

This Symbol above makes me want to put together some Nature Fundraising . I simply adore wildlife animals and hate that people captivate them. My daughters school has started a fundraiser for tigers. She has been so pumped and energized about helping the helpless!
There are many varieties of fundraisers for schools, but new, fresh offerings and innovative ideas are few and far between. When you combine the needs of your school or organization with the green fundraising opportunities of Nature's Vision Fundraising, you're not only gaining resources for your organization, you're also helping other very important causes in the process.
Put your heads together and create a positive cause/change. 


Seeing this makes me think of how happy life can be!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Read Another

"The World got you down? Go to ANOTHER one..."

I love so many things about this quote! The best part is how you are able to change your feelings, emotions and everything just by changing the book you are reading! Going from scared to happy to excited and laughter. Some people cant afford to buy all these books so i say rent books its just as good! SOOO go rent a book and HAPPY READING!

Fun Experiement

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deserving Kids Get a Neat Treat: Candy!

So my kids have been schlepped around quite a bit this summer and now that it's back to school time I thought it would be nice to do something special for them. There is no time left for a vacation and between work and school, I am starting to feel drained of all my mommy awesomeness. So today I decided to make it simple for myself and find something I could order online for them as a special treat.

Like all kids, my kiddos LOVE candy... so, a simple Google search brought me to the most amazing Candy Store Online!!! Candy.com

This site is awesome. If you love candy, I am telling you, this site has it ALL.

For my oldest son, I thought the Retro Candy was awesome...

For my daughter, I chose HELLO Kitty! Awww, look:

She is going to LOVE this cutie pie Hello Kitty Pez lunch box!

And for my little guy, what else, SPIDERMAN!!!

Of course I had to order a lil somthin somethin for Mommy too, so I got myself some Chocolate!!!
I can;t wait for our package to arrive to surprise the little kiddos.
Happy Mommy right here!